Merely a Thought; Not a Reality

Be it sleeping, eating or working – a mood disorder is the toughest thing that will affect all your everyday actions. Your thoughts hold a mysterious connection with depression. You can get rid yourself of depression by learning to master your thoughts. All you require to know is your thought does not bounce back reality.

Are you a person with depression? There’s no need to worry and ruminate anymore.

A new research carried out by NTNU researchers, Department of Psychology, shows that learning how to ruminate less on thoughts and emotions has given a positive effect for people with depression.

Researchers at NTNU’s Department of psychology, has recently issued a scientific paper on the treatment of depression using Metacognitive therapy (MCT). The patient involved in this study was treated over a period of ten weeks. After six months, 80 percent of them had reached full recovery from their depression diagnosis. Too, the follow-up after six months revealed the same tendency. During the study, the team tries to ascertain out how the patient’s mood and thinking process work. This therapy addresses the thinking process and focuses on lessening the ruminating process. By becoming conscious of what occurs when they start to ruminate, patient gains to control their thoughts. The comparison of MCT group and the one that did not receive treatment strengthened the result of this study. Professor Roger Hagen in NTNU’s Department of Psychology says, Hope that Metacognitive Therapy will become the most common way to treat depression in Norway.



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